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Feeding Our Children Chapter References

Eating for Two Chapter References

First 1000 Days Nutrition Guide

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Infant Formula Guides

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detailed list of standard infant formulas
flowchart for infant formulas
extensive spreadsheet for infant formulas
important infant nutrition facts – Research and useful information on sleep. – Website of Dr Matthew Walker PhD, renowned sleep expert. – Useful resource for those suffering with anxiety, with a site for kids. – Site with information about the benefits of mindfulness in children. – More info about the benefits of mindfulness in children. – International organization advocating for the importance of the first thousand days of a child’s life in health and academic outcomes. – National Resources Defense Council. Watchdog organization that fights for people’s right to clean air, water and food. – Environmental Working Group. Provides valuable information to protect consumers from potentially harmful chemicals exposure through their food, water, cosmetics and environment. – National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences – Research department of NYU focusing on the impact of environmental exposures on children’s health. – Coalition of hundreds of scientists examining potential harm to young children exposed to high levels of EMFs and other low-level radiation. – International project examining the effect of the exposome on pregnant mothers and their children. – La Leche League. International organization advocating for breastfeeding. – Organization advocating for better breastfeeding policies in hospitals, and more support for breastfeeding mothers. – Organization identifying strategies to improve childhood nutrition and prevent obesity. – Organization of experts in nutrition and development helping to shape healthy behaviors in young children. – Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Promoting optimal health through cutting-edge nutrition research and public outreach. – The public information website for GI disorders by the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. – American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders – Information on different types of pediatric food allergies. – Information on food protein inducted enterocolitis syndrome. – Information on the low FODMAP diet from the university where it began.– The website for GIG, the Gluten Intolerance Group. – Information for those with celiac disease. – Organization advocating for kids with pediatric feeding disorders. – Melanie Potock SLP, pediatric feeding expert – Information about the dangers of sugar and for those with blood sugar issues. – Information on the dangers of sugar from University of California San Francisco.

Researchers Making an Impact

Physicians and scientists advancing the field of pediatric nutrition

First Thousand Days- Early Life Nutrition

Dr Nancy Krebs –

Dr Michael Georgieff –

Dr Bo Lonnerdal –

Dr Marie Caudill –

Dr Barbara Strupp –

Dr Richard Canfield –

Dr Steven Zeisel –

Dr Sheila Innis – ,

Dr Yvan Vandenplas –

Dr Rajavel Elango –

Dr Artemis Simopoulos – ,

Importance of the Microbiome

Dr Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello –

Dr Martin Blaser –

Dr Emeran Mayer –

Dr Rob Knight –

Dr John Cryan –

Dr Ted Dinan –

Dr Alessio Fasano –

Dr Maria Baldassarre –

Dr Flavia Indrio –

Impact of Toxicants and Environmental Exposures on Children’s Health

Dr Philip Landrigen –

Dr Phillipe Grandjean –

Dr Leonardo Trasande –

Metabolic Health and the Dangers of Sugar

Dr Robert Lustig –

Dr David Ludwig –

Dr Richard Johnson –

Dr Kimber Stanhope – ,

Dr Ronald Krauss –

Dr Miriam Vos –

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